Land Acquisition & Restoration Projects

Most of our projects are listed on this page. We have several newer ventures with our partners as well as solo efforts in varying stages of completion that are not listed here. As soon as they are finalized they will be included here.

None of these projects would have been possible without the consistent and generous support of our partners, members, supporters and volunteers. We are doing our best to utilize funds in the most efficient and productive manner we can and will continue to do our best to fulfill our mission into the future.

Why Native Prairie Restoration?

The prairies of North America were once vast grasslands that covered 200 million acres, a complex ecosystem supporting a large amount of wildlife. Today, less than one percent of that native habitat is left. In restoring the prairie, we are restoring our heritage and supporting an impressive and complicated habitat that supports wildlife and is attractive to the eye.

Prairie restoration enhances the environment. It increases the abundance of native plants, increases ecological diversity, and therefore creates habitats for native animals and insects. Prairies absorb a lot of rain, reducing erosion and runoff. Many species of grasses and forbs (wildflowers) add significantly to the over-all health of the ecosystem.

US Fish & Wildlife
Prairie Conservation Information

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Saving Our Native Prairies

Prairie Conservation Plan