Land Acquisition & Restoration Projects

Why Native Prairie Restoration?

The prairies of North America were once vast grasslands that covered 200 million acres, a complex ecosystem supporting a large amount of wildlife. Today, less than one percent of that native habitat is left. In restoring the prairie, we are restoring our heritage and protecting a beautiful and complicated habitat that is documented to support more than 580 species of wildlife, including birds, fur-bearing animals as well as a myriad of pollinators and other insects vital for brood rearing and environmental health.

Prairie restoration enhances the environment. It increases the abundance of native plants, increases ecological diversity, and therefore creates habitat for native animals and insects. Prairies absorb a lot of rain, reducing erosion and runoff and allowing critical aquifer recharge as well as natural filters for our rivers and streams. Many species of grasses and forbs (wildflowers) add significantly to the over-all health of the ecosystem.

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Most of our projects are listed on this page

None of these projects would have been possible without the consistent and generous support of our partners, members, supporters and volunteers. We are doing our best to utilize funds in the most efficient and productive manner we can and will continue to do our best to fulfill our mission into the future. New projects will be listed here after project completion.

Conservation & Habitat Options for Your Land

Are you interested in transitioning all or portions of your land into natural native habitat? There are numerous options to consider should you be thinking about converting portions of your land to conservation acres.

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Project Sites

To locate our projects click on the markers below. See below for additional information on each project.

To locate additional U.S. Fish & Wildlife Waterfowl Production Areas visit their website.

To locate additional Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management Areas visit their website or, access the MN DNR Recreation Compass.

Maple River WMA - Fitzsimmons (Tract 8)

Bob Kaul WPA - Nelson Tract

Lincoln Waterfowl Production area

O. A. Vee Memorial Wildlife Management Area

Howard Family Waterfowl Production Area

Pick Wildlife Management Area

Minnesota Pheasants Waterfowl Production Area

George and Elizabeth Lang Memorial Wildlife Management Area

Gilfillan Lake Wildlife Management Area

Maple River Wildlife Management Area

Born Wildlife Management Area

Cobb River Waterfowl Production Area

Thompson Slough Wildlife Management Area

Duckhaven Wildlife Management Area

Roberts Waterfowl Production Area

Willow Creek Waterfowl Production Area

Pauley Family Waterfowl Production Area

Perch Lake Waterfowl Production Area

Maple River WMA - Treanor Tract

Ida Lake Aquautic Management Area

Watonwan Waterfowl Production Area

Demonstration Plot

Shelby Waterfowl Production Area

Strom Lake Waterfowl Production Area

Case Lake 2 Wildlife Management Area

Evans Slough WPA

Evans Slough WMA

Pauley Family WPA Belgard Tract

Bob Kaul WPA - Meixell Tract

Bob Kaul WPA - Eberhart Tract