Strom Lake Waterfowl Production Area

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The Strom Lake Waterfowl Production Area is located on 102nd Avenue in Beauford Township northeast of Madelia and northwest of Lake Crystal. Approximately 5.13 miles north of Highway 60 via 473rd Avenue-Township Road 118.

In 2018, Pheasants Forever purchased 60.5 acres in Blue Earth County & 80 acres in Brown County. Restoration efforts have been underway since. In 2022/23 Minnesota Pheasants, Inc. partnered with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Pheasants Forever on Thistle and weed control efforts by funding noxious weed & Thistle spraying efforts on the fledgling unit.

The new 140.5-acre U.S. Fish & Wildlife Waterfowl Production Area includes several re-established native wetland basins as well as upland habitat. This unit will receive on-going restoration efforts. The unit boundary is signed, and parking locations are available.