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O A Vee Memorial Wildlife Management Area is located 6 miles West of Mankato and 1 mile South of the “Junction” of US Highway 169 and 60 and west approximately 1/2 mile on 204th Street.  The WMA was originally established in 1981. The growing complex is comprised of restored prairie wetland complexes, upland habitat and a forest component.

In 2009, Minnesota Pheasants Inc. purchased the 45.96 acre “Ogren” tract adjacent to the existing O A Vee WMA.

In 2020, Minnesota Pheasants, Inc. applied for and was awarded an Enhanced Public Land restoration grant to perform volunteer tree removal on approximately 800-acres on several Minnesota DNR Wildlife Management Areas & U.S. Fish & Wildlife Waterfowl Production Units in Blue Earth County. O.A. Vee Memorial WMA was included in this grant and received approximately 65 acres of tree removal. The unit will receive on-going maintenance.

In 2010, Minnesota Pheasants Inc. completed the transfer of the new addition to the MN DNR.  The acquisition cost of this addition was $165,000 with funds from Minnesota Pheasants, Inc. and MN DNR RIM Match.  This WMA now consist of approximately 208 acres.

In 2010, the Blue Earth County Chapter received a Heritage Enhancement TS Grant for restoration work on the new addition.

In 2011, Minnesota Pheasants, Inc. performed a prescribed burn on portions of the new addition and subsequently planted the balance with native grass and forbs vital for nesting and brood rearing habitat for upland birds. Before & after image below.

Image below is the NE corner of the “Ogren” tract after restoration.

Image below – “Anderson” tract.

In 2016, Minnesota Pheasants, Inc. & Minnesota Deer Hunters – Bend of the River Chapter partnered to acquire an additional parcel on the north side of the growing complex. This 47.3 acre parcel, known as the “Anderson” tract will receive extensive restoration. The new parcel will be transferred to the MN DNR in the near future and added to the existing Wildlife Management Area. Cost of the addition was $85,940.00. Funds consist of $78,440.00 from Minnesota Pheasants, Inc., $3,750.00 from Minnesota Deer Hunters Association & $3,750.00 from Minnesota Deer Hunters Association – Bend of the River Chapter. The new addition is called the Bob Kaul addition of O.A. Vee Memorial WMA named after Robert “Bob” A. Kaul who passed away in 2013. Bob was a long time MN DNR Area Supervisor and long time Board Member of MInnesota Pheasants, Inc. and a tireless advocate for wildlife and wildlife habitat.

In 2018, Minnesota Pheasants, Inc.  acquired the 6.64-acre Furland tract for a total cost of $15,320.00. This new addition was donated to the Minnesota DNR in July of 2018.  The parcel will undergo limited restoration work in the near future and be added to the O.A. Vee WMA complex.

In August of 2019, the “Anderson” tract was transferred to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources under the RIM Match program. This parcel, along with earlier acquisitions, now brings the total size of the O.A. Vee Memorial WMA complex to approximately 262 acres.

This unit will continue to receive on-going maintenance and habitat restoration.


Images below are the NW corner of the “Anderson” tract & NE corner of the “Furland” tract.

Area outlined in RED below represents the original O.A. Vee WMA. The Ogren tract, outlined in YELLOW was purchased in 2009. The Anderson tract, outlined in BLUE was purchased in 2016. The Furland tract was purchased in 2018, outlined in GREEN.


*All boundaries are approximate. Unit signs will indicate actual tract boundaries.