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2022 Minnesota August Roadside Survey


The 2022 range-wide pheasant index (48.4 birds/100 mi) increased moderately by 18.4% compared to
2021 (40.8 birds/100 mi). Despite a cooler than average winter and spring, and a wetter than average
spring, the timing of precipitation and a warmer and drier than average summer provided optimal
breeding conditions. Pheasants increased in the Southeast, Central, and South Central regions and
remained similar to 2021 indices elsewhere. All regional indices were at or above their respective 10-
year averages and the Southwest, South Central, and Central indices all were above the statewide index.
The range-wide mourning dove index increased 10.1% compared to 2021. Range-wide indices of all
other species remained similar to 2021, but exhibited variability in trends among regions. Only mourning
doves and white-tailed deer showed a substantive difference compared to their 10-year averages,
decreasing 15.4% and increasing 40.1%, respectively. Beginning in 2022, we began recording wild
turkeys as a formal part of the survey and their indices will be included in future reports.