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2021 Minnesota August Roadside Survey


The 2021 range-wide pheasant index (40.7 birds/100 mi) decreased 25% from 2020 (54.5 birds/100 mi)
and is similar to the 10-year average (37.7 birds/100 mi). Weather conditions overwinter and during the
early nesting season were very favorable, but widespread drought may have adversely affected nesting or brood rearing conditions. Additionally, weather conditions during the 2021 survey were suboptimal which may have reduced detection of target species. Regionally, pheasants declined in all but the
Southeast region and declines were greatest in the West Central and Central regions. Still, the core
pheasant range (West Central, Southwest, and South Central regions) indices all exceeded the statewide
average and were similar to or greater than their respective 10-year averages. The range-wide indices
for gray partridge, mourning doves, white-tailed, deer, eastern cottontail rabbits, and sandhill cranes
were equivalent to 2020 indices, but like pheasants, exhibited regional variation in trends. Compared to
10-year averages, only mourning doves and deer showed any meaningful difference with doves
decreasing 27% and deer increasing 32%.