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Free Corn for Pheasants


Due to the recent harsh winter conditions, we are making available shelled corn for wild pheasant feed. By approximately 9:00 am Saturday, there will be a self-serve grain truck near the Protein Sources elevator in Good Thunder. The elevator is located near Main Street – Google Maps link. We have paper seed bags available at the location but you may want to bring your own containers.

There is a small flip up grain grate on the backside of the truck. Position you container under the gate and open it to fill. It can come out fast so be careful. We do have two 5 gallon buckets there to put your containers on to aid in the filling process. Please take only what you can use so there’s plenty for everyone that needs it.

With the weekend warming trend, this would be a good time to come to Good Thunder and grab some corn for the pheasants! Please refrain from placing the corn on roadsides or places that may put the birds in danger. Good locations are those that harbor known populations of pheasants and those that tend to stay clear of blowing and drifting snow.

The weather forecast is for a return to colder than normal temps with potential for accumulating snow. We hope you can help us get this corn out this weekend and early next week.

Thanks for your help, we appreciate it and so do the birds!


Photos courtesy Joe Steck at Mankato Times!

Thanks to all that helped with the corn distribution this weekend. The corn will continue to be available for several days. Please refrain from placing the corn on roadsides as this can be hazardous for the wildlife as well as motorist. Good spots are those that are off the roadways and tend to remain free of snow.

Thanks again, we appreciate your help!