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2019 Minnesota August Roadside Survey


The 2019 range-wide pheasant index (37.4 birds/100 mi) decreased 17% from 2018 (45.2 birds/100 mi).
The brood index and proportion of hens with broods also decreased, and estimated hatch dates were
one week later than the 10-year and long-term averages. Severe late-season winter snowstorms, heavy
spring rains, and resulting flooding throughout much of the core pheasant range likely impacted nesting
activity during the 2019 breeding season. Grassland habitat on private, state, and federally-owned lands
increased by 29,903 acres statewide since 2018. The range-wide indices for eastern cottontail rabbits
and gray partridge were similar to 2018 while the white-tailed deer and Sandhill crane indices increased
from 2018. The mourning dove index decreased from 2018 and white-tailed jackrabbit observations
continue to be historically low across our survey area.